Sangria "Il Panino"

We were meeting a cousin one day to catch up at one of our favorite spots in his hood in Escazu, Costa Rica.  ll Panino is a staple in Escazu with great service, a breezy indoor outdoor feeling,  awesome food, great tunes & excellent WIFI.  We love sitting in the back in their plush white comfy chairs.  Perfect for working or soaking up that loungy vibe.  Their Sangria truly freshens up your day AND it has one of my favorite (guilty pleasure) SODAS called Fresca.  I've renamed it Re-Fresca because, well, I can and I love any word that is a mix (of course) of Spanish + English.  This delicious Sangria can be served iced or hot.  Choose what makes you feel good & enjoy!


*I recommend making a big batch to share with friends at parties or adjust to 1 serving. 

*The Fresca in Costa Rica is sweet so feel free to replace with your favorite citrus soda.  

1 Liter Red Wine 

1 Cup of Orange Juice 

1 Fresca (Soda) 

Cinnamon Sticks 

Shot of Brandy 

Shot of Triple Sec 

Chopped Apples 


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