The Uchuva

Have you ever heard of Goldenberries?? The Costa Rican name is Uchuva. I loved growing these in my home garden in The Cloud Forest of Monteverde, Costa Rica.  They come in these little pouches and are delicious straight off the vine.  I believe they go with everything.. from snacking on them straight up, adding them to my salad and now taking it to the next level with this drink!  We took an opportunity to return to The Drift Bar in Santa Teresa Beach, Costa Rica and were beyond pleasantly surprised to find this gem.  Santa Teresa, Costa Rica is one of my dream homes with some of the best food & drinks of any beach town ever!



Rosemary Infused Vodka 

Goldenberries (Uchuvas)



**The Drift Bar's drinks are equally potent as they are delicious ;)




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