Yellow Juice

A wise man once said, "Celebrate all your victories!"   I believe this advice to be solid and true and have wholeheartedly integrated it as part of my lifestyle... so it was a total no brainer to celebrate!   I was featured in the Spring Issue of Curve Magazine with my wife Maria for paving the way via my music for the LGBTQ+ community in Costa Rica.  

We went to one of our favorite local spots, Cafe Social in Santa Teresa. They use super fresh & local products which makes their artisanal food and drinks truly a high vibe!  Bonus: The staff is also kicks ass.  

I want to do a special shout out this week to our family & friends around the world who showered us with love and celebrated alongside us.   Maria and I truly felt like we had spread love around the world and were receiving it back.   

Happy "Thirstday" !  


Pineapple Juice (Using a fresh pineapple is best)



Cayenne Pepper (Sprinkle on top)






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