‘You’re Mystical’ UK remix by Elyse Rich

Blues Rock band Steady Rollin releases fan favourite

The idea of blues and dance coming together in harmony seems unlikely, but as the saying goes, opposites attract.

You’re Mystical retains the acoustic and authentic feel that Steady Rollin are known for, whilst opening the doors to others who may not have listened to them prior to Elyse Rich’s remixed edition.

The soft tones of Fernando Poma’s singing marry well with Elyse’s harsh beat, lifting the energy of the track as a whole.

While the lyrics remain central to the single, the dance element brings another dimension to Steady Rollin’s image. It shows how their music is not rooted in one particular genre, but that it can be adapted to a multitude of beats and styles.

Additionally, Elyse does a fantastic job of incorporating the bands original guitar sounds alongside her punchy dance anthem vibes. She gives the origins of the track time to breath and be appreciated, whilst coupling dance and blues as a pair to be enjoyed together.



Elyse Rich took the original and thrusted it into a new dimension of electronic bliss via a full throttle 303 acid line which replaces the prominent centre-stage elements of the original and teleports the atmosphere of the original into something entirely dancefloor-centric. You can hear Elyse’s production process shining through from the fundamentals of the source material and where creative decisions have been fostered to transform the remix into something new. This is what remixing is all about when done well. - Reaktion

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Listen, Let go, appreciate and Dance!



DRY SEASON - Melodic House MIX

This mix is all about vibe & frequency, the obvious, the subliminal and the thread that weaves it all together.

Dry Season has a double meaning for me. It’s the seasons in Costa Rica. There are basically two, dry & wet.  I finished this mix just as we were entering the “Dry Season” of Costa Rica.  At the same time, I was feeling that I have just completed a creative Dry Season and this mix is the statement of my return.


With my partner Maria Castro, we formed Wide Awake to fulfill on providing that experience for everyone.  Wide Awake is my lifestyle. Conscious, adventurously curious & cool.  Wide Awake is all about following the vibe as you connect in nature + doing what feels good

Early influences include the Beach Boys, The Beatles, Kiss, The Doors, Barry Manilow, The Original Willy Wonka, Joan Jett, The Carpenters and the Ragtime Piano of Scott Joplin’s, “The Entertainer.” Later on discovering the authentic passion & grit of Janis Joplin, the artist genius of The Velvet Underground, Depeche Mode, New Order, Sonic Youth, David Bowie, The Pixies, Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, Ministry, REM, U2, Peter Gabriel & Bjork. I’ve always felt like Jim Morrison meets Carlos Castaneda meets Nine Inch Nails. 'Roadhouse Blues is my theme song.'

I have always been in the sweet spot of emerging scenes and epic moments”

— ER

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