Costa Rica

The journey of a lifetime

On August 1st, 2013, we were having coffee on the terrace of the cottage we were renting in South Beach, Florida.  I had been having this feeling like things were naturally winding down for me in Miami. All my big production projects were in the final stages of completion and for the first time I didn’t have anything new and exciting already in the works. 



Maria had done backpacking around Costa Rica earlier in the year before we got together and had mentioned she wanted to move there. As we were watching some videos of Costa Rica on YouTube, the feeling suddenly took over me and I asked, “Hey, do you still want to move to Costa Rica?”  She was an immediate YES!



We packed everything up, agreed with our landlord to terminate the lease as the property was in need of repairs and moved out that day.  We put everything up for sale and donated the rest. We got down to 4 suitcases and 2 memory boxes. Six weeks later we landed in Costa Rica.  Exploring where we wanted to live, having no plan or expectations except following the vibe.

Everything is energy & Sexuality is fluid beyond gender, I don’t believe in labels & I’m not limited in my attraction or expression. ”

— ER

Elyse Rich

Life on the Cutting Edge

Growing up in the US during the Regan/Bush era of Trickle Down Economics & “Just Say No” combined with the cultural aftermath of the Holocaust embedded a deep distrust for authority, government, religion & nationalism.  This solidified after an incident in Middle School when the band teacher, a man that looked like Santa Claus,  told me "Girls don't play drums."

I went on to play drums in some really cool bands always looking to expand the sound and grow.  It makes perfect sense that I would collide with electronic music & fall in love with rave culture.  It had the anti-authoritarian Punk Rock DIY ethos with a twist.  It was all about feeling good. 

Electronic instruments & mixers were my new drum sets. As a producer I create Dark Hot Sexy Dance Music. As a DJ I create environments for those things to be expressed. As a remixer I create genre bending art. 

Let it roll baby roll… all night long.. ” - The Doors

— Roadhouse Blues